HP Instant Ink: A teacher's best kept secret

The dreaded school copy machine. All you get are black-and-white, line-down-the-middle, low-quality copies, and that’s only when it’s “working.” Sure, it’s better than nothing, but there are limits to its effectiveness for teachers’ needs.

Last year, I got introduced to an awesome alternative—HP Instant Ink. Instant Ink is a personalized ink subscription service. It cuts the cost of buying ink for an HP printer in half, and you will never run out of ink again. You get to choose the printer you want (I love mine!) and choose from five plans to fit your budget and needs. Instant Ink keeps track of your printing via WiFi and sends a replacement ink cartridge to your door before you run out.

What’s the catch? So far I haven’t found one! If I don’t use all of my pages in one month, I don’t worry about it. They roll over into the next month. HP Instant Ink is the same price if you print 100 color pages or 100 black-and-white pages. I try to reserve my pages for the big stuff like full-color adapted books, interactive work binders, and picture exchange communication system (PECS) pieces (check out this free resource).

As much as I love going to Target, I don’t know how my wallet survived years of paying for ink the traditional way. I use the 300-page plan for $9.99 a month and $1.00 for every additional 25 pages (other plans are below). If you print more than that, call customer service and ask for the heavy printing plan that comes with 500 pages.

Gone are the days of using the school copy machine. I can’t tell you how many times Instant Ink has saved me when I needed to print in-the-moment visuals for student communication or a new book for guided reading.

I want to share this goodness with you! If you sign-up here with an eligible HP printer, you will get your first month free – regardless of which plan you sign up for!