Teacher resource: Yoga book for students

My yoga book is such as simple resource, but it’s one of my favorites! I created the Yoga Book to promote self-regulation and social-emotional learning in my classroom. Here are three ways you can implement my Yoga Book in your classroom.

Use it as a part of a behavior plan

I had a student who displayed attention-seeking and escape-maintained behaviors every morning at the same time. The behaviors would cause him to become sensory-seeking and he would escalate to the point of screaming and throwing chairs. Data showed this behavior was consistent in the morning upon arrival, and I decided to implement morning yoga in his behavior plan.

First we read books about yoga and participated in Cosmic Kids Yoga (this is our favorite yoga session). Afterwards I had him pick individual moves that calmed his body and mind the most. The student self-selected the poses to put in the book and they became an integral part of his behavior plan. He knew as soon as he walked into my classroom he could get his Yoga Book and participate in yoga to start his day calmly and safely.

Promote self-regulation through choice

You can make this book as many pages as you want! I chose 10 poses so as not to be too overwhelming for my students. When you create the book using different poses, you are promoting self-regulation through choice. Create the book as a whole class and place it in your Calm Down Center, making it an option for any student in crisis. As students practice yoga, they will begin to internalize the moves and mindset, promoting independent self-regulation. As students become more independent with the moves, you can fade out the yoga book because students will be able to self-regulate independently.

Create Roll ‘N Yoga activity

This is my favorite way to use the Yoga Book! Find two dice or make your own with foam dice. Students will roll the first dice to determine the move they will do (i.e. roll two, do move two) and then roll the second dice to determine how many times they will do the yoga move. This can be used with one student or you can get the whole class involved! In addition to self-regulation, this activity is excellent for turn taking and listener responding tasks (following directions).

So what do you get when you purchase my Yoga Book? Two covers (My Yoga Book and Our Yoga Book), horizontal and vertical fill-in-the-blank pages, and two levels of differentiation (fill-in-the-blank version and a version where students circle how the pose makes them feel, i.e. relaxed, calm, happy.) To implement, have students choose a pose, take a photo of the students in the pose, glue it in the box, write the caption, and your have a page for a personalized yoga book! I have used this book for individual students, for the whole class, and in my Calm Down Kit.